Taurian Engineering

Simple yet rugged; Experienced yet Humble; Global yet Indian..!

To put it in simple words, we break (or, crush) bigger rocks in to smaller rocks !

Taurian Engineering is a compact organization but is rich in experience of crushing variety of rocks & ores/ slags – be it tough Maha Basalts of Western India, finer Iron Ore of Karnataka, Highly abrasive granites of southern peninsular India, Sandstones of Rajasthan, round Gravels of sub-Himalayan hills of Northern / Eastern India, hard Iron ores of eastern India or, even the slags of mineral wastes.

We manufacture Crushers & Sizing equipment that are built to last - in human endeavor of breaking rocks/ores that existed for millions of years on mother earth – to make aggregates to build World Class Indian cities, Expressways, Dams & Canals, Steel & Beneficiation of Mineral riches.

We are proud to be an Indian company with a strong service attitude and history in terms of Application Engineering, Installations of various types of crushing machines, Trouble Shooting & Repairs, Availability of Parts & Components, Support in terms of Logistics & Inventory Planning.